Quality as a response to Customer needs

Brianza Plastica S.p.A. has defined and aims to keep active the “Quality, Health and Safety Policy” and the main objectives to allow constant control of the processes and to activate the appropriate improvement actions:

  1. Analysis of corporate context to continue searching for opportunities to improve and reduce threats through a clear understanding of the external and internal context in which it operates and the relevant requirements of the stakeholders; to implement streamlined procedures and mechanisms that will allow the system to adapt quickly to the relevant changes.
  2. Customer Satisfaction: the key to success lies in complete customer satisfaction; complying with the product specifications and delivery plans agreed and shared with the Customer; having the flexibility to adapt to changes in customer requirements/requests.
  3. Compliance with laws: to comply with the prescribed laws, regulations, standards, and commitments applicable to the product/service and to protect Health and Safety in the workplace and the environment;
  4. Attention to the needs of workers to respect workers’ rights; develop and grow through training, enhancing the talent and potential of people which, thanks to a virtuous mechanism, translates into motivation and professionalism; to create and maintain a safe and healthy working environment through a careful assessment of the risks, and based on mutual respect, fairness and collaboration.
  5. Qualification and monitoring of suppliers’ performances: to create a relationship of mutual collaboration and trust in order to pursue continuous improvement of the product/service supplied
  6. Participation and involvement of workers (and their Representatives): from the point of view of prevention, worker participation represents an added value for a deep-rooted corporate health and safety culture, guiding workers towards change through health education and behavioural change, reducing and/or eliminating risks.
  7. Responsibility towards the environment: to act in respect of sensitive environmental compartments, reducing any negative effects through plant-engineering systems and procedures. The control and containment of atmospheric emissions and the reduction and correct management of waste are priorities.
  8. Compliance with the applicable product requirements: to accurately control the production phases, also through continuous attention to technological and process innovation
  9. Infrastructure: to equip and maintain in efficient working order the infrastructure needed to support the operating processes, to reduce environmental impact, minimise business risks and safeguard the company’s information and assets.
  10. Cost containment: to optimise the company processes in order to reach the maximum level of effectiveness and efficiency, to optimise “waste” both in the process (consumption of raw materials) and at the end of the process (waste production);
  11. Effective communication: to look for clear forms of internal communication and external communication channels
  12. Continuous improvement: in order to ensure a high level of competitiveness, the expected results are regularly monitored through the annual planning of objectives.

Brianza Plastica S.p.A. sees quality as a response to the needs of the Customer, and as an integral part of an indissoluble combination, which for our industry translates into conformity and reliability of the product, prompt service and effective after-sales service. The involvement and training of personnel, the availability of adequate resources (systems, test equipment and materials), the selection and growth of qualified suppliers are the strengths for achieving the quality objectives.

Brianza Plastica S.p.A. considers the health and safety of its employees to be the first commitment in the management of its activities: this objective is pursued by complying with the current legislation and applicable standards and by defining improvement procedures and plans aimed at preventing the possible occurrence of unwanted events such as accidents and occupational diseases. These documents are an integral part of the Organisational and Management Model (Leg. Decree no. 231/01) approved by the Board of Directors.

The specific objectives and the resources used to achieve them are defined by General Management on an annual basis in the Review of the Quality, Health and Safety Management System. It can be updated in relation to any changes in the organisation and process, or according to strategic choices. The Management Review is given to company managers.

The achievement of these objectives is monitored by General Management and by the department managers based on concrete and measurable parameters (indicators), in order to be able to objectively assess the achievement and to make fact-based decisions.

The Review summarises any changes in the context (external and internal factors and relevant stakeholders) and, if necessary, updates the Policy and the objectives. General Management also aims at providing the organisational, instrumental and economic resources needed to achieve these objectives.

General Management encourages the application, improvement and development of Management Systems and ensures that all the contents of the Procedures and Instructions are disseminated, understood and shared by all employees and collaborators.

The Quality, Health and Safety Policy is implemented daily by all personnel. Personnel, according to their skills and role, take on the responsibilities needed to implement the company policy, in line with the information received.



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