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The contribution of BRIANZA PLASTICA insulating products to LEED® V4 rating system.

The environmental sustainability, effectiveness and high performance of Brianza Plastica thermal insulation systems contribute to obtain credits and prerequisites for LEED® V4 rating system.

Brianza Plastica insulating systems in polyurethane and extruded polystyrene foam (XPS), thanks to the high thermal insulation properties, the advantages of ventilation in terms of living comfort, the content of recycled material used and a responsible and sustainable management of the production process, are precious allies for designers and builders in the construction of buildings that comply with the Green Building criteria.

Brianza Plastica has always developed and manufactured its products following very high quality standards, with important and constant investments in research and development activities, aimed at finding increasingly efficient solutions that ensure high living comfort and a significant containment of energy requirements and atmospheric emissions. These properties and these principles pursued by Brianza Plastica have been confirmed and expressed in the mapping of their ISOTEC, XROOF, ELYFOAM and BRIPAN X-TILE thermal insulation systems as part of the Green Building evaluation protocols, such as the new version V4 of the LEED® certification system.


LEED® V4 rating system for buildings

LEED® - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - is a certification system for buildings created on a voluntary basis and applied in over 140 countries worldwide. The LEED standard promote and develop a global approach to sustainability, acknowledging virtuous performance in key areas of health human and environmental.

LEED® is a voluntary and consensus-based system for the design, construction and management of sustainable buildings and high performance territorial areas that is developing more and more internationally; it can be used on any type of building and promotes an integrated design system that covers the entire building.

The LEED® rating system certifies the building, does not certify the individual products or building components, but the latter can help meet the requirements of the protocol and consequently obtain the relative scores for the building.


The areas of attribution of credits and prerequisites

The LEED protocol provides shared and measurable standards, differentiated according to the type of building and its intended use, and is based on the assignment of credits and prerequisites for each of the 6 areas treated, attributable to the following areas: Localization and transport , Sustainable sites, Water management, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials and resources, Indoor air quality, as well as Regional planning and Innovation.

The characteristics of Brianza Plastica thermal insulation products have been analyzed and mapped by the QualityNet certification body in relation to the contribution to obtaining prerequisites and credits pertaining to 3 of the aforementioned areas, taking the LEED V4 protocol as a reference.


The contribution of the BRIANZA PLASTICA insulating products to the Green Building

The thermal insulation products in polyurethane of the ISOTEC range (ISOTEC, ISOTEC XL, ISOTEC XL PLUS, ISOTEC PARETE, ISOTEC PARETE BLACK and ISOTEC LINEA) and the products in extruded polystyrene XROOF, XROOF XL, ELYFOAM and BRIPAN X-TILE have been subjected to this evaluation, in relation to the criteria of the following areas:

  • Energy and Atmosphere (criteria EAp2, EAc2): the products evaluated have demonstrated the ability to reduce or contain the energy needs of the building and consequently minimize the quality of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. The purpose of these prerequisites and credits is to achieve an increasing level of energy performance for buildings and project structures, exceeding the minimum values ​​defined by the legislation, in order to reduce the economic and environmental impacts associated with excessive energy consumption.
  • Materials and resources (MRc3, MRc4, MRc5 criteria), due to the low environmental impact of the materials entering the building project and the minimization of disposal. The purpose of these credits is to encourage the use of products and materials for which information on the life cycle is available and that have verified impacts on the life cycle, preferable from the environmental, economic and social point of view.
  • Indoor environment quality (EQc1, EQc5, EQc9 criteria), in relation to indoor air quality, thermal and acoustic comfort. The intent of these credits is to create environments that promote comfort, well-being and productivity of the occupants.


The value of credits and prerequisites for building sustainable cities

Brianza Plastica products contribute to achieving the LEED® v.4 certification score in these credits and prerequisites:

  • EAp2 - Minimum Energy Performance – energy requirement of the building
  • EAc2 - Optimize Energy Performance – energy requirement of the building
  • MRc3 - Building product Disclosure and Optimization – Sourcing of Raw Material – environmental sustainability of the building and waste management
  • MRc4 - Building product Disclosure and Optimization – Material Ingredient – environmental sustainability of the building and waste management
  • MRc5 - Construction and Demolition Waste Management - environmental sustainability of the building and waste management
  • EQc1 - Enhanced Indoor Air Quality Strategies – quality of internal environment
  • EQc5 - Thermal Comfort – quality of internal environment
  • EQc9 - Acoustic Performance – quality of internal environment


Until the mapped products have been assigned Product Badges that graphically represent a summary of the credits to which BRIANZA PLASTICA products can contribute.

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The compliance document of Brianza Plastica Products has been written by Quality Net® and the products can be found on

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