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ISOTEC, even greater performance.

Brianza Plastica Brianza Plastica Brianza Plastica
Brianza Plastica is on a quest for excellence with enhanced performances for the ISOTEC thermal insulating systems.

To demonstrate its commitment to the corporate values of constant research, technological innovation and quality, Brianza Plastica pursues objectives of excellence by constantly investing in the development of its products.

The latest and most important innovation relates to the enhancement of the insulating performances of the ISOTEC® products, which are at the forefront of the industry. The Brianza Plastica panels made of rigid polyurethane foam now offer the market better insulating performances, with a declared thermal conductivity lD of 0.022 W/mK.

In order to provide reliable and effective responses to the more stringent directives which require all new buildings to be Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings (NZEB) by 2020, Brianza Plastica has stepped up its efforts to improve the already excellent performances of its products, combining excellent insulating performances, mechanical resistance and extreme lightness.

The ISOTEC® range includes innovative solutions for the under-tile insulation of pitched roofs with ISOTEC® and ISOTEC®XL panels, systems for the construction of ISOTEC® PARETE ventilated facades compatible with any support and any type of cladding and insulation system for non-ventilated roofs and facades with ISOTEC® LINEA structural panels.

All the ISOTEC® products are lightweight and easy to handle and allow easily creating a support, thermal insulated, ventilated or non-ventilated system, to enhance living comfort. The use of polyurethane foam coated in aluminium ensures the best thermal performance possible, combined with extreme lightness and durability over time. Polyurethane foam is today widely used in applications that require high thermal performances and its characteristic of thermal constancy makes it ideal for using under tiles and behind wall coverings, which can reach very high temperatures in the summer months.

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