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residential construction

The large amount of experienced gained over the course of the years has allowed Brianza Plastica to become a solid and important player in the sector of products for residential construction. The constant research into new materials and new technologies allows for the constant improvement in products, to respond to all the needs of the sector.

Brianza Plastica offers products which have been specifically studied for various applications in residential construction.
The interventions of ordinary maintenance regard repair works, renovations and substitution of windows in buildings as well as works necessary to integrate and maintain existing plants and structures, which require first class materials, employed in a precise and careful manner. The interventions of extraordinary maintenance are the works and modifications necessary for the renewal and substitution of parts of the buildings, including structural parts. For interventions of extraordinary maintenance Brianza Plastica offers a wide range of products, diverse in accordance with the multiple structural needs. Operations of restoration and conservation refurbishment, are designed to maintain the building organism and ensure its functionality through a systematic set of works. The interventions of restructuring construction work on the renewal and substitution of certain elements and the elimination of others. The products offered by Brianza Plastica for restoration and restructuring; developed over the course of the years thanks to the evolution of the materials and technologies, not only ensure the security of these buildings, but also allow for an efficient energy reclassification. The interventions on new construction include the creation of new single complex housing units. These works include the insertion of Brianza Plastica products right from the design phase; allowing for all of the advantages in terms of energy and construction offered by Brianza Plastica to be enjoyed.

Brianza Plastica for residential construction:

  • Isotec
    Under-tile thermal insulation structural panel in aluminium coated expanded polyurethane, used for new roofs and the recovery of existing ones.
  • Isotec XL
    Under-tile thermal insulation structural panel in aluminium coated expanded polyurethane, used for new roofs and the recovery of existing ones, with joists at a height of 4 cm.
  • Elyplast
    Corrugated and flat plates and rolls produced using polyester resin and glass fibre for every form of civil or industrial roofing, in agriculture for greenhouses or breeding plants, roofs, protection and plugging of various kinds.
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