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special applications

The Brianza Plastica products are functional and versatile. In accordance with different needs they lend themselves to particular projects, like for example application in the agricultural sector.

The Elyplast fiberglass plates are the leading product in the creation of greenhouses. These special plates are transparent, resistant and reinforced, created using first class raw materials, optimum features for the construction of greenhouses capable of retaining heat, protecting from the elements, resistant to chemical agents and which allow the light to filter. Furthermore, thanks to the application of U.V. ray protection, the plates guarantee the luminous transmission of the surfaces, ensuring a pleasant daytime light, uniformly distributed, within the building.

The Elyplast fiberglass plates are extremely versatile; applicable to any type of structure – wood, iron or reinforced concrete they guarantee durability, lightness, and ease in workability, installation and transport. These characteristics render them ideal for use in industrial, residential and agricultural buildings as skylight covers, wall coatings, building fronts and suspended structures.
Brianza Plastica products are synonymous with quality and, thanks to the vast experience gained over the last 45 years and the technical competencies obtained, the company is in a position to source the structures and materials suitable for a “made to measure" solution. To find the structures and materials suited to reaching your objective.

Brianza Plastica for special applications:

  • Elyplast
    Corrugated and flat plates and rolls produced using polyester resin and glass fibre for every form of civil or industrial roofing, in agriculture for greenhouses or breeding plants, roofs, protection and plugging of various kinds.
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