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industrial construction

Over the course of the years two typologies of industrial building have been identified: the industrial container building and the production structure. In the industrial container building the opportune forms and dimensions allow for practically any type of work to be carried on inside. Brianza Plastica has adapted its products to suit the needs of the industry to rationalise and optimise space and materials for energy saving and flexibility in use of the spaces. The production structures rather have been designed for a specific need which is in no way flexible to suit potential diversification in production.

The industrial buildings are constantly evolving and new technology provides an important contribution to this development. For industrial construction it is very important to invest in resistant products, which protect the safety of various parts of the building and allow for costs of energy management to be reduced. Brianza Plastica serves industries for interventions of a creation, restructuring and reclassification kind. The high quality of the Brianza Plastica products allows for the best solution to be found to suit all needs capable of guaranteeing an excellent structural and energetic efficiency of the structure.

Brianza Plastica for industrial construction:

  • Elyplast
    Corrugated and flat plates and rolls produced using polyester resin and glass fibre for every form of civil or industrial roofing, in agriculture for greenhouses or breeding plants, roofs, protection and plugging of various kinds.
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